Friday, February 26, 2010

Ticket Sales Are Picking Up!

Yay! More people have steadily begun to buy tickets and have helped us begin to get the reunion process moving again! Special thanks to the following people:

Janet Williams Lumpkin

Richard Kostal

Taylor Byrd

Many people have also been asking for more details of the events planned for the reunion. Here is a basic breakdown:

Friday June 18: Meet and Greet on Government Street. We are hoping to secure drink specials at bars around Government Street and allow people to walk around to different places.

Saturday June 19: Late morning to early afternoon there will be an event for those with children at Fort Maurepas.

That night is the main event at the OS Community Center where there will be food, beverages, and music.

Hope this helps! Please continue to support us by purchasing tickets whenever you can, and again thanks to Elizabeth, Janet, Richard, and Taylor for essentially giving me your money to spend! :o)


Thursday, February 11, 2010

We Need Folks to Buy Tickets!!!

First, go Saints! My life has been preoccupied with that since we won the NFC Championship and now the Super Bowl. Anyway, I digress.

So far, only one person has purchased tickets. Yay for Elizabeth Powell Jernigan!! We need more people like Elizabeth, for frankly we are out of money.

Marshall, Emily, and I have put in several hundred dollars and it has all gone to getting initial expenses done, but now we have nothing left in the pot save for Elizabeth's $140. This means right now everything is on hold.

Please buy tickets! Encourage people to buy! Once we get some money, we can get things progressing because nothing has been done lately. Emily needs money to start getting the caterers on board; I need money to help secure additional help for the OS Community Center; and Marshall needs money to help fund our meet and greet event. Overall, we need your help!