Saturday, January 23, 2010

Updated List Coming Soon!

Hey y'all! This is Jason. Sorry for the extreme delay in the blog over the past three weeks! Like most of you, life has gotten busy! Plus, I admit, at least one of my weekend days has been devoted to watching the Saints go for the Super Bowl. Tomorrow shall be another one of those days as I sit in the Dome and cheer them on!

I have received numerous updates from folks concerning people! Tremendous thanks to Danielle Auge and Sabrina Basch for providing several people and everyone else contributing! I will update the list sometime today as soon as I finish some school work!

As Marshall said, I encourage everyone to begin purchasing tickets for our event! We will soon be needing to be making deposits to get the ball rolling and we need your support!

Continue to help make this event a success!



Tuesday, January 19, 2010

PayPal Account

Classmates, the PayPal account is up and ready for action. Please buy tickets as soon as you can so that we can pay deposits on food, booze, and rentals. I am sorry to remind you that our $2000 was embezzled by the high school and we are working with what Jason has been able to make selling himself (not much). Please encourage every classmate you know to but one soon and not wait until the last minute.