Thursday, April 29, 2010

Amazing, Matthew Treadway bought a ticket. There is now officially no excuse for not buying a ticket immediately.
Good news classmates! On Saturday I will finalize the plans for the Friday evening festivities. The plan will be for y'all to meet at a table at Leo's on Government St. downtown and from there begin a pubcrawl to all of the surrounding bars. Provided there is enough interest prizes will be awarded to those of you with strong livers. There will be drink specials at each bar for everyone that has bought a ticket and received their wristband. Spread the word everybody.

Recent ticket purchasers:
Caroline (Kovacevich) Rossi
Cassie (Henderson) Clark
Bethany Albert
Ashley Patterson
Robert Parker
Amanda Goodwin
Carrie Swoope
John Michael Hearne (Mr. OSHS Himself)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Time to get in gear ladies and gentlemen. The reunion is getting dangerously close and we need ticket sales to finance all of the goodies you are expecting. So pretty please, with a cherry on top, buy tickets and encourage everyone you remember from high school to do the same. The deadline at the current price is May 1.